Excuseless Life Skills Workshops

Workshops are customized for the needs of the group and are brought to your home, office, conference, seminars, schools, community events, daycare centers, churches, synagogues, playgroups or via Skype.

These workshops are designed to bring out the best in you. The YOU that’s hiding underneath the pack of lies you may tell yourself, “I’m a bad parent” “I’m worthless”. Instead let’s start with -Who are you? Who are you really? How has your upbringing influenced your world view? Is there more to you than what you “see” and what you were “told”? Gain deeper insight into your true self. Break through self-made prisons and expand your limiting beliefs, to live out the life you deserve. These programs facilitate personal growth, self improvement, and a deeper understanding of why you are the  way you think.


Current Topics



 Parenting the Excuseless Way

This interactive workshop will help guide you in any parenting challenge. Our workshops help parents deepen their relationships with their children and nurture self-love, responsibility, flexibility and self-esteem. You are guaranteed to leave our workshops with new tools that you can begin using immediately. Court Accepted-Certificate of Completion provided

Course options includes 6 weeks, 8 hours or 4 hours Parenting Course



                 Boundaries: Finding & Setting Yours    

Although "NO" only consist of two letters, it is one of the most difficult words for some to say. In this workshop you will learn a variety of assertive techniques that will allow you to say no without the guilt. You will also identify underlying factors that prevent you from saying no.
Course options includes 6 weeks or 4 hours Boundaries Course

Excuseless Self-Esteem: Perfectly Imperfect

 In this workshop we look at factors that have impacted your self-esteem. Learn how to identify things that increase your self-esteem and silence your inner critic. You will also learn how the way you think about yourself, affects the way you feel about yourself which reflects your behaviors.

Course options includes 6 weeks or 4 hours Self-Esteem Course


                                   Love Me Deeply  

This interactive Workshop gives hope for creating a lasting Healthy Relationship. Designed to teach relationship enhancement skills in an informative and enjoyable manner. Learn to resolve conflict, deal with your anger, gain better communication skills and much more.

     Course options includes 6 weeks or 8 hours Relationship Course  


                                Stressed No More 
 Stressed out? Need help tackling the tension in your life? Stress is a potential killer, implicated in medical conditions from high blood pressure to heart disease. This stress management workshop provides insight, simple but effective practical tools and strategies that are needed to achieve balance, fulfillment and success.  

Course option includes 4 weeks or 4 hours Stress Management Course




                                Features & Benefits

Omeisha Capdeville is an engaging and inspiring speaker. Her coaching tools and personal experiences offer for great reflection and interaction. She offers humor and straight talk which leads audiences to take action.

Prior to the workshop, each participant will complete an assessment which would help determine their strengths, weakness and other areas requiring attention. This helps Omeisha to understand the group better and ensure the each participant receives what they need to put together a specific plan to ensure their success after the workshop.


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